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فيلات دوبليكس للبيع بالتقسيط بكمبوند جديد - بيفرلي هليز الشيخ زايد

فيلات دوبليكس للبيع بالتقسيط بمشروع ويست تاون بمدينة بيفرلي هليز  الشيخ زايد طريق مصر اسكندرية الصحراوي
المشروع تابع لشركة سوديك يقع بين مجمع من المشروعات السكنية والتجارية والإدارية  الراقية مثل بيفرلي هليز - كازا  - الاجريا - فورتي ويست - استربت).

الدوبليكس نوعان : 1- وحدة بحديقة وتتكون من دور أرضي(108-110م) - دور أول(116م -
120م)  و حديقة(90م - 110م) اجمالي المساحة : 224م - 230م

نموذج الرووف: يتكون من الدور الأول (117م - 128م )- الدور الثاني (115م - 122م)- الرووف( 25م ) اجمالي المساحة: 257م - 275م
متوسط السعر: 1250000 بالتقسيط علي 5 أو 6 سنوات
دفعة تعاقد 10% و 5% بعد ثلاث شهور , دفعة استلام 10% والباقي اقساط ربع سنويه على سته سنوات  

- Duplexes: Consist of: Garden + ground+ First Floor & First + Second + Roof
* Garden Unite Ground Floor110m: Foyer, 3 pieces Reception, Guest toilet, kitchen with quarter nanny with toilet). First Floor120: living area with terrace, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, master bedroom with private bath and dressing, Total area: 230m anther type 224m.
.* Roof terrace Unite First Floor: 117m & 128m ( Foyer, 3 pieces Reception, guest toilet, kitchen with quarter nanny , Terrace). Second Floor: 115m & 122m ( living area, 2 bedrooms, bath, master bedroom with bath and dressing). Roof area: 25m ( private suite room with bath indoor, roof deck, kitchenette and barbecue. Total area: 257m & 275m.

Westown Residences Phase II is an extension of Westown Residences Phase I, Westown’s first purely gated residential neighbourhood, offering 88 Duplexes and City Villas with unique architectural designs. The overwhelming success of Phase I has shown not only a want but a need for intelligently designed homes that offer practical use of space, security and proximity to a surrounding community.
The residences range from duplexes with either a garden or roof option, to City Villas that offer both a private garden and a roof terrace.
These unique homes, with their city feel and functional design, fit perfectly in this gated suburban community, as they have been master-planned with the concept of Westown in mind – all the while ensuring clients entertainment, safety and security.
Westown Residences Phase II is just a short walk away from Westown Residences Phase I, Allegria, The British International School, Forty West, The Polygon, the restaurants and cafes of Westown Hub, and the Central Avenue, which runs the length of Westown.

WTR2: 19,725 sqm / 4.7 acres – Block 25 -Delivery will be 3 years from contract date (2015) -Distance between each building is on an average of 30 m
-176 common parking spots
-Projects’ fences are the project’s gates -Street’s width of 4 m; comes in between the City Villas -Project is overlooking Beverly Hills tennis courts -All bedrooms are overlooking a nice view

Amenities: Residents can enjoy membership at the Westown Clubhouse just a short walk away from their homes. The Clubhouse features swimming pools, sports facilities, gym, restaurant and a café.
• Gated communal gardens.
• Each residence is secured by its own private perimeter fence.
• Most City Villas have direct and open views onto communal gardens.
• Two on-ground parking spaces per residence.
• Access points for gardening and maintenance.
• Extremely durable and washable exterior facades.
• Facades designed to conceal AC units.
• Premium-grade double-glazed windows.
• Connection point for installation of triple play services.
Payment terms:
5 years installment
10 % contract signing
5% after three months
Quarterly installments over 5 years after three months
10% delivery
6 years installment:
10 % contract signing
10% after three months
Quarterly installments over 6 years after three months
10% delivery
Delivery is after 3 years (2015)

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